12e zitting - Vrijdag 23 april 10.00 uur: 3700-3792 - Tribale kunst (Afrika)
Catalogusnummer: 3540
DRC., Lega, ivory mask,

with hart shaped face with decorations of conical points within triangle lines. The eyes close to the elongated nose and two double rows of conical circles decoration. With black to red patina. Provenance: collected by Johannes Bakker (1870-1930) a doctor and Sierk van der Land a agricultural engineer and his friend. They made travels together from then Alberville into the Kivu area between 1910-1930. These objects were collected in situ in those travels according to the family of Sierk van der Land. Inherited by descent.

h. 12,5 cm.


Taxatie: € 2.000 - € 3.000
Huidig bod: € 2.000
Hamerprijs: € 2.000

Hamerprijs: € 2.000