13e zitting - Vrijdag 23 april 13.00 uur: 3500-3662 – Tribale kunst (Indonesië en Oceanië)
Catalogusnummer: 3306
South Sumatra, Palembang, kain songket, silk shoulder cloth ca. 1900.

The central panel with star shaped patterns in green silk and roset in gold thread. In one panel with a design of intersecting circles (kawung) of stars and blossoms (bintang - melati), with fine, high carat gold leaf or green, chinese silk wrapped threads. Ikat for man and women at ceremonial occasions, around

163 and 41 cm

Lit. ref. S. Fraser-Lu, Handwoven Textiles of South East Asia, Oxford 1988, p. 174. J. Gillow-B. Dawson, Traditional Indonesian Textiles, London 1992 p. 113f and M. Gittinger, Splendid Symbols, Washington 1979 p. 108, 70f.


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Hamerprijs: € 600