13e zitting - Vrijdag 23 april 13.00 uur: 3500-3662 – Tribale kunst (Indonesië en Oceanië)
Catalogusnummer: 3352
Timor, Belu. Wehali, ikat man's shoulder cloth, tais mane ikat, 1st half 20th century.

Handspun cotton, two panels, typical tais mane ikatpanels at the sides (Hamilton fig 7.14) Herewith West Sumba, Kodi, long wrap ikat cloth, pasola. Possibly a bridal price for the king of Kapunduk (information of collector)

212 and 96 and 768 x 58 cm.

Lit. ref. R.W. Hamilton and J. Barrkman, Textiles of Timor, Los Angeles 2014 p. 148-149


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