8e zitting - Dinsdag 10 mei 13.00 uur: 3500-3661 - Tribale kunst (Indonesië en Oceanië)
Catalogusnummer: 3650
East Flores, Lamaholot People, Lembata, Atadei, bridewealth cloth, kawatek

a three part textile, the narrow central panel enclosed by alternating smaller bands with a ship and anthropomorphic figures and geometrical patterns

197 x 108 cm.

Provenance. The present collection of Lembata bridewealth cloths were acquired in Lembata in the ealry 1970's by the present owner, a German artist. At that time textiles from this area were hard to come by due to difficult travel conditions.


Taxatie: € 80 - € 160
Huidig bod: € 180
Hamerprijs: € 180

Hamerprijs: € 180